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Black Lives Matter!
We Need to Change Our Strategy


Which Way Black America?

Earl Graves says we have to Wake Up! Re-engage in the Battle for Opportunity... African Americans have not Overcome rather we are in Danger of Being Overcome.

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Black America has come to a FORK in the road and the choice we choose will determine what will happen to Black America for the rest of this Century and the beginning of the next.  It all boils down to Jobs, Access to Capital, Respect and Inclusion to everything America has to offer.



Half of our young Black men in America are incarcerated because of  Structural Racism which holds Black employment to a measly 2% of the workforce in America!


African Americans have made little progress in the areas of Finance & Economics over the last half century. We took our eyes off the prize after integration. We have not mastered how the Economic game is played. When it comes to the capital markets we are not even players in the game! If we are going to have a prosperous future we must start using our economic strength to Employ Ourselves. Currently we have a TRILLION DOLLAR ECONOMY that we have no control over and its making every body rich that invests in it but the owners US. The present financial organizations and institutions that hold our money know how to use it for their own benefit. However, we need some of that money in our institutions and our pockets  so it can make the difference in our employment around the country, produce more stable families and it will keep our young sons and daughters out of the Penal System. This is the path we need follow to increase our access to capital, reduce unemployment and produce more wealth for ourselves in America. We have to control our dollars and manage them more effectively. When we start controlling our dollars we will start to control our DESTINY and build wealth!

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